Boscastle and Tintagel


Boscastle is a village and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall. It is situated 14 miles south of Bude and 5 miles north-east of Tintagel. Boscastle harbour is a natural inlet protected by two stone harbour walls built in 1584; as well as being a fishing harbour, Boscastle was once a small port, importing limestone and coal, whilst exporting slate and other local produce. 

The village is also a popular tourist destination, with attractions including the Museum of Witchcraft and Boscastle pottery shop. It also has many natural attractions as the area is abundant in wildlife, dramatic walks and historic features. 

Tintagel is another village, famous for Tintagel Castle and the legends surrounding King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. Tintagel is very popular with tourists and day-trippers from many parts of the world, and is now one of the most-visited places in Britain. At the top of the village, you will find the visitors' centre, should you have any further questions.