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Dolphin pod 100-strong spotted off Cornwall coast

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A pod of 100 dolphins has been spotted just off the coast of Cornwall, a prime example of the rich diversity of wildlife which can be discovered in the Duchy.

While on the water taking part in a Seaquest survey for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Daniel Murphy couldn't believe his luck when he saw a large group of the species jumping out of the water just metres away. Although is not uncommon to see dolphins in the area, especially in the summer, Murphy said that the sighting off Hella Point, near Porthgwarra, was a real thrill.

Murphy said that it was difficult to pinpoint exactly how many dolphins were in the pod at the sighting, instead using the theory that for every one which jumps out of the water there would be a couple more beneath it.

If you are looking forward to holidaying in Cornwall this summer, be sure to head to the coast for a chance to see these beautiful creatures yourself.

Image Credit: LifeSupercharger (Flickr.com)



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