Offset your journey to Cornwall

Chances are you are not going to walk or cycle to Cornwall! So whatever way you get here the greenhouse gas CO₂ will unfortunately be a bi-product.

However, rather than never going on holiday (what a miserable existence!), you could use carbon offsetting to neutralise the effect of your journey. 

Retiring carbon

Many offsetting schemes are deemed to be ineffective or misleading, however, retiring carbon is the most effective and ethical method of carbon offsetting.

Carbon Retirement buy CO₂ "pollution permits" and permanently remove them from the system so that they can't be used.This means that the heavily polluting industries that need them are required to reduce their emissions instead of buying permits and continuing to pollute.

It forces investment in low-carbon technology, creating long-term change and preventing emissions before they happen.

You can offset your car or plane journey to Cornwall (amongst other things) with Carbon Retirement's easy online calculator (normally less than £10 driving from anywhere in the UK).

Or you can protect rainforest with Cool Earth when you come to the Cornish Horizons Padstow office.

Rainforest protection

Achieve the double whammy of reducing CO₂ released into the atmosphere (thereby offsetting your journey to Cornwall) and protecting some of the world's most vulnerable communities and animal species.  Visit the Cool Earth site to find out how incredible their work is.