Car Free Cottages

Cornwall’s landscape has an everlasting appeal which keeps people coming back time after time.  This idyllic scenery attracts many thousands of visitors every year, which of course is bound to have an impact on the area.  So anything you can do to preserve and sustain this beautiful environment is always appreciated.

If you want to come to Cornwall without your car, click for information on good car free destinations.  Below are our cottages that would be suitable for a car free holiday.

Or you could still bring your car and leave it at your holiday property - you can relax and explore the area at a more leisurely pace, without worrying about finding a parking space, or change for the car park.  It means saying goodbye to busy narrow roads, frayed tempers and arguments about missed turnings!

You can explore Cornwall’s many winding paths, tracks and walkways, see a selection of the numerous plants which grow here, and maybe even spot a few of the many bird and animal species that thrive in the county.  The South West Coast Path runs along the entire length of Cornwall’s coastline, covering around 300 miles, with a wide variety of terrain.

Getting out and about without your car also allows you and your family to really discover nature up close, rather than behind glass.  Some attractions, such as The Eden Project, even offer discounted entry if you arrive by public transport.

Walking, cycling and horse-riding are all excellent ways to explore - with the added bonus that it helps you stay active!  

It is advisable to follow a few simple rules when in the countryside, such as taking your litter home, leaving gates as you find them, and keeping your dog under control.  If everyone follows these guidelines, we can all enjoy this lovely landscape for many years to come.

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