You Can Do Your Bit Too...

Here at Cornish Horizons we believe that environmental awareness is a key part of maintaining a successful tourism industry for future visitors. Small efforts can add up to a big difference and we want to encourage our visitors to make a contribution while they are here - so we encourage you to read our responsible visitors charter.

So what can you do? Well, there are a myriad of choices, large and small, for all ages and all inclinations. If you can do one little thing today and maybe another little thing tomorrow it all adds up and makes a difference.

Getting to Cornwall

However you chose to travel to Cornwall, whether rail, road or air, you can help make a difference by offsetting the carbon emissions.

You can contact BioTravel (the official transport provider for Newquay airport) Cornwall's first and only eco-friendly taxi company for details of their rates and the area they cover.

Getting Around

Using local transport means fewer cars on the roads and remember, if you are resident in England and are aged 60 or over or are 'eligible disabled' you are entitled to England-wide concessionary bus travel - so you can use our council bus network for free! Look at our 'Travel Cornwall' section for information about local services.

You could also try exploring near where you're staying. There are, almost certainly, some fantastic places to see right on your doorstep!

Days Out

Visit our 'Green Grub and Fun' page for green activities and places to eat.

Visit the BBC's Breathing Places event finder for local wildlife and nature venues and events whilst you are in Cornwall.

Visit the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website for a list of events and nature reserves.

For a full round-up of all that is eco-friendly in Cornwall, and some fantastic maps visit our mentor's web site at the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (CoaST)

The Camel Trail follows the old railway line from Padstow via Wadebridge to Bodmin and from thence to Blisland. This pedestrian/cycle route gently follows the river for about 18 miles through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with a range of cycle hire at each venue. We have properties close to both ends of this beautiful trail.

Walking, climbing and playing in open spaces is one of the joys of holidaying in Cornwall. But just leave your footprints! Encourage the children to return crabs, shrimps and fish back to the rock pool they found them in and do 'poop scoop' after your dog. The Natural England website is full of some brilliant tips on how to look after the countryside.

Shop Locally

To benefit the local community visit farmers' markets, farm shops, village stores and pubs. For lots of useful information about Cornwall's wonderful variety of food and drink visit Food From Cornwall and Taste Of The West.

...and for local food deliveries visit our grocery deliveries page.

Save Energy & Water

Top Ten Tips from the Energy Saving Trust.

And if those tips inspire you then they have others to keep you motivated!

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

In the UK, we produce enough waste to fill the Albert Hall every two hours and most of this will end up in landfill sites. By recycling more, preventing food waste and composting at home you can do your bit to help reduce this impact.

  • Reduce your waste
  • Refuse packaging, leaflets and bags you don't need
  • Reuse what you can - shopping bags, water bottles etc
  • Recycle using the kerbside collection/recycling banks

Find out more at or

When you leave your holiday cottage at the end of your stay turn down only those beds which you have used.

Fish Fight! 

Half of all fish caught in the north sea are thrown back overboard. Dead.

Sign up... Join Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's campaign to fight the madness

Useful Links

  • Ecotricity - Switch to Ecotricity without it costing you a penny. They will 'Price Match' the 6 main electricity companies (Scottish Power, Centrica, Scottish & Southern, npower, E.On and EDF)
  • Cool Earth - Sponsor and protect rainforest with Cool Earth
  • Dial Green - The environmentally friendly business phone company we use.
  • Recycle Now - Lots of recycling advice and information for the whole of the UK including recycling symbols explained.
  • Act On CO² - The Government's website on how we can all reduce our impact on the climate.
  • Mailing Preference Service Online - Junk mail is a waste of resources and your time. Why not opt out?
  • Toilet Twinning - The charity 'CORD' enables you to twin your toilet with one in Africa giving a family access to a toilet where they would otherwise have been without.
  • The National Seal Sanctuary - Adopt a seal pup or visit them when you come to Cornwall
  • We are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme
  • We are members of COAST (Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project)
  • Cornwall Wildlife Trust
  • BBC Breathing Places

So, is Climate Change Really Happening?

"It is now clear that man-made greenhouse gases are causing climate change. The rate of change began as significant, has become alarming and is simply unsustainable in the long-term." The Met Office.

Read The Met Office's Climate Change guide.