Eco Cottage Scheme

Cornish Horizons have already achieved a gold award from green tourism for our own business practices and premises. In 2013 we decided to create our own eco cottage scheme to encourage owners to adopt green and sustainable improvements and practices for their holiday properties. This allows you to choose to book a holiday home with a lesser impact on the environment.

Our scheme not only focusses on energy efficiency, generation and reducing carbon footprints, but also includes other sustainability measures such as buying local, using fair trade and recycled products, water management, encouraging wildlife, reducing pollution and waste management/recycling.

An eco cottage has to achieve 150 points or more. We have also created an eco + cottage marque which indicates that a property has achieved at least 190 points.

Take a look at our Eco Cottages page for more information.

You can see how these points are gained by clicking the following link to a sample Eco Cottages form. As you can see points are primarily awarded on the basis of a questionnaire completed by the owner, although additional points can be awarded at Cornish Horizons' discretion for extra green measures (section L of the form). The property has also to achieve a minimum number of points in each of the main categories (see page 7 of the form).

How we devised our scheme

We didn't want to just make a token effort at creating a green eco cottage scheme because it was popular or trendy. So we have spent a considerable amount of time and effort devising our scheme. We have undertaken huge amounts of research, read countless articles and have consulted a number of differing bodies.

Of course everyone's opinion will differ on the merits of different green and sustainable improvements and so you may not agree with the way we have scored everything. However, we hope that you will agree that we have put considerable effort into creating balanced and well thought out criteria and scoring which is considerable better than schemes used by others, some of which don't even explain how they decide that a self catering property is green.