Our Green Goals & Successes

Committed To Sustainable Tourism

Cornish Horizons believes that environmental awareness is a key part of maintaining a successful tourism industry for future visitors. So what are we doing about it? Well, this is what we have already done:


We switched to Ecotricity for our electricity supply in 2010 and our gas supply in 2012. They actually build wind turbines and sun parks increasing the amount of renewable energy being produced. What's more, they spend up to 25 times more on building these new renewable energy sources than other energy companies.

We monitor our electricity consumption and how much each appliance uses to enable us to reduce our energy use. We switch off as many appliances, computers and screens as we can when they're not in use.

What We Buy & Use

  • We buy all Fairtrade coffee and tea (and sometimes chocolate too!). We buy British sugar
  • Our brochure is printed on FSC paper (please give your copy to a friend/recycle it when you've finished)
  • We buy environmentally friendly cleaning products, soaps and recycled toilet paper and kitchen roll
  • We buy recycled paper and envelopes

Recycling & Compost

  • We recycle everything that we can. Paper, cardboard, tins and cans, plastic bottles, foil, glass, batteries, light bulbs... you name it!
  • We also compost most of our kitchen waste along with paper shreddings
  • Electrical equipment that's come to the end of it's life or is no longer needed by us is reused or recycled wherever possible

Promoting Local Businesses & Area

  • Promoting local attractions such as The Eden Project
  • Promoting car free activities and the use of public transport
  • Promoting local companies, such as Padstow Farm Shop, on our website pages and in our brochure which supports the local community
  • Promoting local environmentally friendly companies and local grocery delivery companies

Owners of our Holiday Cottages

  • We provide all of our property owners with 'green' information


  • We sponsor ½ acre of rainforest in Ecuador every year with Cool Earth preventing 130 tonnes of CO² being released
  • Both toilets at the Cornish Horizons' offices are 'twinned' with toilets in Burundi, Central Africa providing a toilet for a family. Why not twin your toilet with 'CORD'?
  • We sponsor and support local charities and events including Padstow Christmas Festival, Padstow School and the RNLI


  • Bird feeders and bird box put up at the Cornish Horizons offices. So far we've seen blue tits and robins!
  • Adopt seal pups from The National Seal Sanctuary. This year's pup is called Mars!
  • We all go out every year cleaning one of our local beaches in Padstow

At The Office

  • Our staff share lifts to and from the office
  • We improved our loft insulation with recycled insulation
  • And, of course, we keep tabs on our performance in all areas of our environmental impact
  • We have created a comprehensive scheme enabling participating property owners to call their property an 'eco' cottage or 'eco+'.

Phew! That's quite a list! But we would really like to improve and have lots of plans for further growth of our environmental and ethical performance. So we have ideas to:

  • Get involved with local tree planting to help offset our Carbon Footprint
  • Get a food digester so we can compost meat/fish/dairy/pasta/bread etc
  • Provide visitors with much more 'green' information, activities and advice
  • Help the owners find out what you think of their properties with a 'green questionnaire'
  • We would really like to volunteer to help local Cornish charity Shelterbox. They respond instantly to natural and manmade disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who are most in need

If you have any ideas as to how we can keep up the good work just shout!

To understand more about our commitment to green issues, read our Environmental Policy.