You love Cornwall's unique environment... becuase we do.

But more importantly we all need this environment. Everyone is dependent on the environment around them for clean air, water, food and resources. It's important that we protect this environment and keep it healthy. We are now more aware than ever that the diversity of a habitat is vital to its health. So every species in an ecosystem is important from badgers to bacteria.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Conservation - "The Trust's Conservation team and their dedicated volunteers are involved in a wide range of conservation work and projects across Cornwall both on land and at sea."

Our conservation efforts

We are keen to help our local environment and, on top of all that we strive to do for our Green Tourism Award, we have sponsored a conservation programme at Newquay Zoo. The new Gems of the Jungle project will ‘showcase the plight of some of South East Asia's most endangered song birds.

In the Philippines and throughout Indonesia, the rapid deforestation is shrinking their complex, fragile habitat. Whilst in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, tens of thousands of these birds are illegally trapped for the pet trade each year. Having a fine voice and fine feathers is their downfall and most are destined to lead solitary lives in tiny cages for the amusement of their owners.

As well as raising awareness, the design of the aviary will enable the zoo to participate in the conservation breeding programmes to protect these remarkable species for generations to come.'