Holiday Cottage Breaks for the Family

Holidays with families can be a bit of a hit and miss experience when trying to handle small children but with a little planning and forethought it is actually quite possible to aim more for the former than the latter. A lot of families, especially with younger children, find that even so-called “child friendly” hotels aren’t really geared up for guests aged below their teens, resulting in a trip that normally feels more like a chore than a holiday.

Self-catering holiday cottages and houses are a great solution. Head for popular holiday destinations to ensure there’s plenty to keep the kids occupied when you’re out and about and you’re onto a winner straight away. A lot of areas in southeast Cornwall, such as the town of Looe, are remarkably child-friendly and covered in sandy beaches where they can cause as much chaos as they like without disturbing other guests, and the town itself is quiet and pleasant so parents have something to enjoy as well!

The dilemma a lot of parents face, especially when going self-catering into a holiday cottage or similar arrangement, is how to minimise the daily grind of washing, cooking, cleaning and everyday childcare arrangements so that they are able to have a holiday alongside their children rather than simply carrying on with the usual chores in a different setting. Here are some ideas to look for when choosing a holiday cottage which can help minimise the pain so mum and dad have a bit of a holiday too:

  • A dishwasher to avoid the need to do the washing up
  • Cottages that are equipped with necessary baby equipment like cots and high chairs so you don’t need to pack everything and the kitchen sink
  • Other families and children in the area – this is an immense bonus to childcare and a lot of friendly parents will take turns minding the kids so everyone has a chance to spend a bit of time off relaxing
  • A washing machine, or preferably washer dryer – don’t rely on the clothes you’ve packed, especially if you have adventurous (read: dirt prone) offspring!
  • TV and DVD player for a bit of quiet time when the kids won’t go to sleep but can be safely parked with something to watch
  • If you’re going to Cornwall or somewhere similar during the summer it can also be useful to have a pool to keep the kids safely occupied. Even if you’re within walking distance of the beach it isn’t practical – or safe – to let children play in the sea unsupervised so having a pool attached to the cottage, even just a small one, can be immensely helpful. If you’re going during the (weather’s) off-season it can also be worth looking for family cottages that include a dedicated indoor playroom for the kids so they don’t take over the entire house in holiday just as they do at home.

Finding self-catering accommodation in Cornwall for all the family doesn’t need to be a chore. For a variety of lovely holiday cottages in Looe and the surrounding area, try Looe and Polperro Holidays and make sure you get some time to relax in between handling overexcited holidaying children!