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Please use the links below to answer many of the frequently asked questions:

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The majority of our properties have an access statement which can be sent to you via email if required. These statements are designed to assist you when making a decision as to which property to book. However, if the information you require is not there do contact us and we will see if we can obtain the information for you.  If the information in the access statement or provided by Cornish Horizons is particularly important to you then you should double check with us before booking. If you would like any property description or the booking terms and conditions sent in larger type do please ask. A small selection of our cottages also have additional facilities designed to assist guests with mobility problems.

For mobility equipment here, please click here


If you have allergies to pet hair, feathers, etc. do not assume that a property which does not take pets will never have had a pet (an assistance dog for instance), nor that the bedding provided will be synthetic. It is always best to check with us first.

Baby equipment

The individual property description will let you know whether cots and / or high chairs are provided in a specific property. Please note that cots should not be used for children over the age of 2 years. Linen, bedding and harnesses are not provided so please bring your own. Otherwise, visit the Holiday Information pages to see baby equipment hire service companies.

Changeover days

The normal changeover day can be found in the individual property description, but can often be altered out of summer season or for short breaks - please enquire.  

Changeover times

Most changeover times are between 9.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. (in other words you can occupy from 7.00 p.m. ‘in' on the day of arrival and must leave by 9.00 a.m. ‘out' on the day of departure) but some are different so check the ‘in' and ‘out' times are listed on every individual webpage. This enables the owner or the housekeeper to make sure that the property is completely ready for you so please do not attempt to gain access earlier than these times.


Once you have paid the balance payment for your holiday we will send you directions for key collection and how to get to the property. We also try to include some useful local information. It is important to bring these directions with you because the instructions are very detailed and it is sometimes hopeless to try and find your property without them. Don't rely on your SatNav in Cornwall! Sometimes whole villages have just one post code.

Electricity and fuel

These are included in the rent for all but a very few of our properties. Logs are not usually included for woodburning stoves. More details will be provided on the individual property webpages where relevant. 

Internet access

The vast majority of our properties include Wi-Fi. View our properties with internet.  

Please note that some properties offering broadband have a limit on the usage. If you are likely to want to use the broadband quite a bit for downloading large files, such as music, TV programmes, games or films, then you should check before you book as to whether there is a limit on the broadband usage. Please note that exceeding the limit may incur extra charges.  

In addition, connectivity can occasionally be unreliable so you may experience times when there is either no signal or only a weak one.

Inviting friends

The property is for the use of your party only and numbers in the property may not exceed those stated in the property details at any time. So, for instance, it is not acceptable to have friends who are staying on a campsite nearby visiting every day to use the facilities at the property nor for anyone to stay over night. Of course you can have friends to visit for a cup of tea but anything more than this should be checked with the owner first.


Most, but not all, properties provide bed linen and towels. Check the webpage for each individual property for more information.


Each property has a map of its exact location on the property webpage.


We describe beds by reference to their width in feet and inches in order to avoid confusion as to what is meant by child's, queen, king sized beds, etc. For those of you unfamiliar with feet and inches, the approximate metric conversions are as follows: 2'6" = 75cm, 3' = 90cm, 4'6" = 135cm, 5' = 150cm, 6' = 180cm. We refer to distances in yards and miles. Conversions are: 1 yard = 0.914 metres, 1 mile = 1.61 kilometres.

Mobile phone reception

Mobile phone reception in Cornwall can be patchy. If you need to know whether mobile phone reception is good where you are going do check with your provider but you should be aware that, even where it is supposed to be good, it can vary from day to day depending on such things as the weather and whether you are standing inside a stone cottage! You can check on coverage on these websites:

  1. Orange/EE
  2. Vodafone 
  3. O2 
  4. Three Mobile
Old properties

Please be aware that, due to the maritime climate we enjoy in Cornwall, a few properties - especially old or stone buildings - may suffer from a little damp or condensation (obviously exacerbated during wet or humid weather) despite the owner's best efforts. These problems can usually be sorted by ventilation and/or heating. Also, older properties and those in the countryside will naturally attract spiders, ants, flies and other such harmless insects which the owner's housekeeper deals with on changeover day but which may re-appear during your stay. If they are a problem to you just pick up the telephone and speak to the owner or caretaker.


We will always try to indicate in the property details whether there is parking and any restrictions to parking or access there may be. However, if your car is a bit lower, higher or wider than average then it may be worth checking with us that your car will fit the space available or manage the access.


Pet friendly properties. A number of our properties are pleased to accept your pets and we know how important bringing their pet on holiday is to some people. There are some simple common sense rules which apply to your pets on their holidays:- Please do not bring pets to properties which specify ‘No Pets'. Exceptions may be given to those with assistance dogs. Where pets are welcomed please note that there are specific booking conditions. In essence these are:

~ Don't forget to put them on the booking form.
~ Pets must be kept under control, exercised off the premises and never left alone in the property.
~ Pets must be kept off the furniture and not allowed into bedrooms. 
~ Pets must not mess in the garden; all "accidents" must be cleaned up.
~ Pets must be up to date with flea and worm treatment.
~ You must clear any pet hair from floors and furniture.

You may also find that specific owners rules may apply (e.g. to be excluded from certain areas). You should be aware that we are unable to categorically guarantee that there has never been a pet at a particular property or in the grounds. Neither can we say for certain that a property described as having an enclosed garden is necessarily pet-proof (nor, for that matter, child-proof!). When you are deciding whether to bring your dog on holiday you should be aware that dogs are banned from some beaches in the summer.


Problems and difficulties should always be reported in the first instance to the Owner or the Owners caretaker or housekeeper. Please don't suffer in silence; nobody will be able to help you unless you tell them straightaway. The Owner or the Owner's caretaker or housekeeper will be pleased to put things right for you at once but if you can't get hold of them or they are reluctant to help for some reason then do give us a call. Writing to tell us of problems or complaints after you have gone home will mean that we are no longer able to help; it is important to tell someone at the time. It is also important to realise that your contract is with the owner of the property so, where a dispute arises between you, our role is solely one of arbitration.

Security deposits

The majority of our cottages provide an accidental damage deposit scheme. The amounts differ depending on size of property but you will have an option to either pay a refundable amount which is held in lieu of any unintentional damage and refunded within 28 days of departure, or pay a waiver. 

A few of our properties don't operate the same and instead charge a refundable security deposit. 

Occasionally circumstances may dictate that we require a security deposit where none is specified in the property details.

What will be provided?

There will be some basics; loo roll for each WC, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets (if applicable), dustbin bags, cleaning materials. Sometimes just enough to get you started, sometimes enough to last the week. See also the kitchen inventory below:

• Set of saucepans and wok
• Frying pans, large and small
• Oven trays (roasting, baking) 2 of each
• Set of sharp kitchen knives (bread, carving, vegetable, chopping), carving fork and dish
• Set of kitchen utensils (slotted spoon, ladle, masher, slice, serving spoons, wooden spoons or equivalent, potato peeler)
• Coffee maker (cafetiére, electric, etc)
• Crockery (dinner plates, side plates, bowls, mugs, egg cups, cups and saucers)
• Colander
• Chopping boards – large and small
• Cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons, serving spoons)
• Glassware (wine glasses, tumblers large and small, flutes at Four Star and above)
• Double up on crockery and cutlery if there is a dishwasher in the property, equal to twice the occupancy of the property.
• Place mats or table cloth
• Fire blanket
• Grater
• Ice tray
• Jugs (water, measuring, milk)
• Kettle
• Kitchen scissors
• Corkscrew and bottle opener
• Mixing bowls (large and small)
• Oven dishes (casserole, oven to table), pie dishes
• Oven gloves
• Sieve
• Storage containers – mixed sizes (min 3)
• Teapot
• Tea towels (minimum 2), hand towel
• Tray
• Tin opener
• Toaster and toast rack
• Refuse bin with lid
• Whisk

See the Star Grading Explained page for more info on how our properties are star graded.