Top 3 Hot Chocolate Spots in Cornwall

Published: Thursday 3rd Oct 2019

Sometimes you’ve just got to indulge yourself, and nothing says “treat” more than a thick, creamy hot chocolate. Fortunately, we know just the places to go to leave your eyes wide, taste buds loved-up and your tum thoroughly content.

Poldhu Beach Café – The Wild

The perfect place to wriggle further into your layers and wrap mitt-clad hands around a mug filled to the brim with liquid deliciousness, Poldhu Beach Café has to be one of the top hot chocolate spots in Cornwall. Overlooking Poldhu Beach near Mullion on the wonderfully untamed Lizard Peninsula, this café is open an impressive 363 days of the year and boasts inside and outside seating to embrace or hideaway from the elements. Choose from the classic, no-frills hot chocolate, the ‘special’ hot chocolate with lashings of cream and marshmallows or the decadent Poldhutastic hot chocolate topped high with cream, chocolate sauce and liberal frostings, such as Smarties, Maltesers, Crunchies, Reese’s, Rolos… Salivating excused!  

Kernow Chocolate – The Specialists

Naturally, one of the best places to go for hot chocolate in Cornwall is over to the pros themselves – the Kernow Chocolate HQ. Located in Wadebridge, Kernow Chocolate is Cornwall’s largest artisan chocolate maker, ethically sourcing sustainably grown cocoa through their Cocoa Horizons initiative. Throwing passion, dedication and expertise in by the bucketful, their chocolate is utterly dribble-worthy and guilt-free too. What’s not to love? Head to their café and sip one of their famous hot chocolates made with delicious melted chocolate. For a little insider info, you can even watch the chocolatiers at work too. Oh, and there are free chocolate samples.

Woods Cafe, Cardinham Woods – The Extra Cosy

Be it a pre-walk, post-walk, or a skip-the-exercise-entirely kind of occasion, there’s nowhere more cosy for a hot chocolate in Cornwall than Cardinham’s Woods Café. Open every day, this fairy-tale esque woodsman’s cottage enjoys an enchanting setting under crisscrossed leaves and is a welcome haven for all the family – including four-pawed pals. Serving up a truly mouth-watering array of hot chocolates, the best time of year to go is in the cooler months when their popular ice cream ‘shed’ transforms into the hot chocolate shed! A place of dreams, hot chocolate lovers can be treated to a fantastic selection of flavours, including salted caramel, mint and chocolate orange.

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