9 Amazing Animals to Spot During Your Stay in Marazion

Published: Thursday 5th Apr 2018

Written by: The Team at Cornish Horizons


There's a lot of wildlife on your doorstep when you visit Marazion. Whether you search the waters that surround St Michael's Mount, the rock-pools in the bay or nearby marshland, you're bound to find an abundance of amazing wildlife. Below is just some of the things to look out for during your holiday, how many do you think you'll spot? 

1. Dolphins


Seen leaping off the coast, a pod of Dolphins is making a splash is a sight to behold. 

When they aren't leaping, they best way to see them is via boat tours from Penzance. We are often joined by these friendly chaps when we fish from our canoe just south of St Michael's Mount.

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2. Basking Sharks

Basking Shark

Fear not, despite their huge mouths, these sharks are harmless and only eat plankton! They can often be found swimming around Mount's bay and can be spotted as they tend to stay near the surface. 

One of the best locations to see Basking Sharks is above Porthcurno beach. Here their dark bodies are easy to spot over the clear turquoise waters.


3. Sunfish


Sunfish are a strange and beautiful sight. They are incredibly thin but appear to be huge when they float sideways near the surface water. 

They can been spotted in the Cornish waters when they bask near the surface but may be a less common spot as they have been placed on the vulnerable species list. 

They love to munch upon jelly fish in mid summer in Mounts Bay so you head out on an SUP from Ocean High you may be in luck!


4. Octopuses 


Ocotpuses (not Octopi!) have been spotted in the waters of Mount's bay and the one pictured even washed up in the Mount's harbour itself. It was carefully collected and released back to sea. They are an intriguing but rare sighting. 


5. Whales


A very rare sighting and best seen when on a wildlife boat tour. Different types of Baleen whales can bee seen due to the warm waters of the Cornish coast. 

Seeing one of these leap from the water will certainly be a sight you remember! 


6. Barrel Jellyfish

Barrel Jellyfish

Barrell Jellyfish are called so because they are found to be the size of floating barrel. They are huge in comparison to other jellyfish but their sting isn't considered to be that bad and has been compared to being no worse than a nettle-sting. 

Despite that, they still make for an amazing sight and due to their size they can be seen from way off!


7. Crabs & Starfish 


Rockpooling is an accessible way for younger children to find out more about the coastal wildlife.

Rockpools on the coastline near Marazion contain loads of common crabs, starfish, shrimps, rock fish and blennys. This provides an interesting and exciting alternative discovery for those who don't want to go out to sea. 


8. Birds



Behind Marazion beach is the, Marazion Marsh. It is the small reedbed which plays home to a variety of wetland birds.

Over the years, the reserve has become an important wintering site for bitterns and a regular stopover for the globally threatened aquatic warbler.


9. Seals


There are lot's seals who enjoy Mount's Bay. They are often spotted over the causeway at high tide and beach at quieter times. There is a group who are often on the rocks in front of Mousehole harbour and in the winter months young are born and reared at Gwithian, a really beautiful sight!

How many do you think you'll spot during your stay in Marazion? If you want a better chance of seeing the incredible wildlife found out at sea, Marine Discovery provide wildlife-watching boat trips. Visit their website for more details on when they operate their sailing trips.

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