7 Brilliant Reasons Why Marazion is the Best Place to go on Holiday this Summer!

Published: Tuesday 9th Jan 2018

Written by: The Team at Cornish Horizons

1. St Michael's Mount

Michael's Mount

An imposing sight with an amazingly rich history sits just 400 yards away from Marazion across the bay. It's an unmissable place to visit during your stay. The National Trust protected site has stunning gardens, unique geology and prominent atop the mount is a 12th century living castle.



2. Dolphin Spotting & Bird Watching 


Whether you're on the hunt to spot things swimming through the sea or flying through the sky, Marazion is the place to be. The RSPB protected marshland features Herons, Warblers, Chiffchaff, Starling Sparrowhawks & Peregrine Falcons (to name a few); just off the coast of the bay Bottlenose Dolphins swim in large Pods. The wildlife around Marazion is breathtaking!


3. Beaches in EVERY Direction

Sandy Beaches

On your doorstep there's the beach in Mount's bay, then there's Perranuthnoe five minutes away to the east. Porthcurno and Sennen Cove lay to the West and less than 20 minutes away to the north is St Ives Bay!

Regardless of the direction you explore you'll come across a fantastic beach on which to relax, sunbathe, surf or explore. 


4. Brilliant Weather

Sunny coves

Cornwall doesn't play by normal 'British Summer Time' rules and instead has it's own Cornish Summer Time - meaning summer starts earlier and lasts longer. So, even if you don't visit during the peak of summer you're still likely to have excellent weather. 

With Marazion being on a peninsula it experiences all of the amazing attributes of summer weather. Inland can have cooling, rolling mists whilst the coastline can bask in glorious sun. 


5. Multiple-Award-Winning Restaurants 

Award Winning Restaurant

After a long day of exploring there is nothing  better than resting and recharging whilst eating some excellent food. Luckily, Marazion plays host to several award winning restaurants that range from traditional pub food to freshly caught Cornish seafood dishes. 

Ben's Cornish Kitchen has previously won Regional Restaurant of the Year whilst the Godolphin Arms has won a gold standard in the Taste of South West England awards. These two are a must-visit during your stay. They create amazing dishes with locally sourced ingredients it's no wonder they've both been featured in leading national newspapers! 


6. Perfectly Situated to Visit all of South & West Cornwall


Marazion is the perfect place if you want to explore everything Cornwall has to offer. If you want to explore Penzance, St Ives or Mousehole none is more than 20 minutes away from where you'll stay. Marazion is also perfectly situated to be a hub to explore the jagged coastline and peaceful harbour towns of the Lizard. 


7. Hone Your Instagram Skills

Dogs on the beach

Marazion is picturesque, there's no doubt about that. The marazion tag on Instagram is a testament to that  instagram.com/explore/tags/marazion

The town, the beach and it's surroundings are great for photographic inspiration; bring your dogs to complete the scene! 

Picture Credit: instagram.com/kren77

Find Your Perfect Property Now! 

Marazion is a truly exceptional place. There's so much to see, do and explore that we're sure this list could have gone on infinitely! The wildlife, the beaches, glorious weather and food will make sure you have a holiday to remember. 

The Team at Cornish Horizons
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