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Published: Thursday 23rd Jan 2014

Written by: Charlie

Arts Council England and Visit England are to award Cornwall a fund of £340,000 to develop the county’s cultural institutions. The project is due to take three years to complete, during which time it is hoped that it will have succeeded in putting culture at the heart of the county for both visitors and local residents.

The project looks to provide a further boost to the county’s already booming tourism scene, as many additional visitors staying in holiday cottages in St Ives and across the rest of Cornwall arrive in order to reap the cultural benefits of the funding. It is hoped that the new fund will make Cornwall a more desirable location to visit during the winter months, bringing it in line with the huge popularity the area currently experiences during the summer.

There are a number of Cornish organisations that are expected to be involved in the project, all of which are listed in this local article, ranging from the Cornwall Arts Centre Trust to local theatres and pottery studios.

Hope for ‘significant increases in cultural engagement’

The Arts Council has been vocal in its excitement about the project, stating that “Cornwall’s key arts and cultural organisations will be working with the tourism sector to create a unique identity for the county that promotes the extraordinary cultural wealth on offer”.

Ross Williams, Director of the Arts Centre Trust, the Cornish division of which led the funding bid, added his hope that “over the three year life of the project we will see significant increases in cultural engagement by visitors as well as benefits to Cornish residents,”

The project will see continual development over the next three years and, with many of the organisations in partnership with the scheme based in St Ives, our guests will have plenty to look forward to as new features continue to pop up around the area.

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