New Shannon Class rescue boat arrives in St Ives

Published: Wednesday 25th Nov 2015

Written by: Charlie

Crowds lined the St Ives harbour to celebrate the arrival of the newest RNLI lifeboat – sent to protect the shores of Cornwall. The Shannon class lifeboat was given to the service thanks to the generosity of a local benefactor.

Local St Ives coxswain Rob Cocking brought the new ship into harbour to be greeted by the crowd. Unlike traditional boat propellers, this Shannon Class rescue boat is powered by high-intensity water jets. This technology makes the ship extremely manoeuvrable, especially in shallow waters. The local RNLI were able to purchase the £2.1 million lifeboat after a generous bequeathment to the service by long-time supporter Nora Stachura. Originally from Swindon, Mrs Stachura passed away in 2008 leaving her entire estate to the RNLI in order to provide a new lifeboat.

“The Shannon is a fantastic boat,” Cocking told the local media. “It is faster and more manoeuvrable which means that we’ll be able to reach casualties more quickly. The new equipment on board will also make shouts safer for our volunteer crew.”

Derek Hall, Lifeboat Operations Manager, said: “We are delighted to finally have the Shannon on station and the fact that we are the first in Cornwall to receive this new class of lifeboat is extremely special.

“The Shannon will mark a new era in lifesaving for St Ives RNLI,” he said.

Members of the RNLI thanked the St Ives community for their swell of support. Tied to the sea and Cornwall’s vast nautical history, it is a fabulous holiday destination, and one that will benefit greatly from this new boat. At all of times of the year, thousands of people enjoy the beautiful holiday cottages in St Ives.

Hall said the volunteer crew at St Ives will undergo training followed by inspections before the Shannon is declared operational. Their Mersey class boat, The Princess Royal, will then be taken off service. The team said the St Ives RNLI plans on holding a farewell service for the old ship.



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