A cottage in Cornwall voted as ultimate holiday destination

Published: Tuesday 11th Aug 2015

Written by: Charlie

Recent research by ATS Euromaster has revealed that a country cottage with a sea view in Cornwall is regarded as the ultimate holiday destination for many holidaymakers.

The study found that three quarters of Brits are planning on holidaying in the UK this year, rather than jetting off on a holiday abroad, and many of the holidaymakers that will be going on a staycation will be heading to holiday cottages in St Ives instead of villas in Greece, France or Spain.

The research found that 21 per cent of respondents revealed their dream holiday in the UK would be a Cornish cottage with a sea view.

Other important aspects of a British holiday included a traditional British pub being within 1.42 miles of their holiday accommodation, whilst a holiday property being just 1.17 miles from the coast and a local shop, and the sea being within 2.5 miles of their holiday accommodation, were also revealed as very important.

A bit more surprisingly, a petrol station being just 2.5 miles away from their holiday property was also highlighted as being important to some of the survey’s respondents.

Great British holiday back in fashion

Holidaying in the UK has really risen in popularity over the last few years and this has been backed up by the fact that 72 per cent of respondents who have already been on holiday went on a break within the UK. Just 27 per cent decided to go on holiday abroad.

A spokeswoman for ATS Euromaster told Travel AOL, “Five decades ago, holidaying in the UK was one of life's simple pleasures - memories were made as new places were explored and families were brought together.

“There's a real feeling of nostalgia when you holiday in the UK as most of us have memories of playing eye-spy en-route, eating fish and chips on the seafront and enjoying quality time together.”

If these survey results sound like your idea of a great holiday, take a look at our cottages by the sea.

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