Cream Teas - Who gets your vote?

Published: Tuesday 30th Jun 2015

Written by: Becky

Cream teas divide opinion here in the South West.

What gets a tick on your voting card, one or two scones? Do you smother your scone in jam and top it off with cream – the Cornish way – or do as the Devonshire folk and put your cream on first? Does it have to be clotted cream and do you like plain or fruit scones? And the tea, normal black tea or do you prefer something different? Whatever you preference we all have our ideal cream tea. Tell us who serves your ideal cream tea and we’ll compile our top 10 cream teas serveries in Cornwall list. Don’t forget to upload a pic of you eating your delicious cream tea as well! As a starter, our vote so far in 2014 goes to The Rectory Tea Rooms in Morwenstow…




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