Dogs now allowed in Cornish art venues

Published: Friday 6th Sep 2013

Written by: Charlie

While many of us like to take our dogs along during our Cornwall holidays, this can become quite a problem when many establishments do not grant them entry.

This is no longer the case at two Penwith-based institutions, however, both of which are now more than happy for four-legged friends to come and enjoy the same experiences as their owners. As a way of attracting higher levels of visitors, the Newlyn Gallery and The Exchange have eased their rules on access, with 'well-behaved' dogs allowed to come into the art spaces. There are even bowls of water placed outside, ensuring the canines can get a decent drink before or after their artistic discoveries.

When explaining the decision, marketing officer Kathy Hill said that she had decided to give it a go after hearing that many other institutions had no problems regarding the issue. With the Duchy being such a big hit with dog fans, the move to being dog-friendly can only be a positive step for the tourism scene as a whole.

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