Old Ducy Palace Restoration Project Complete

Published: Monday 13th May 2013

Written by: Catherine

The restoration of one of Cornwall's oldest buildings is finally complete, meaning that it can be enjoyed by both locals and residents for years to come.

Built back in 1292, the Old Duchy Palace in Lostwithiel was reputedly built as a replica of the Great Hall of Westminster and is a popular sight in the county. Restoring the facility back to its former glory certainly wasn't a simple process, with the work taking four months and costing in excess of £1million; the work was carried out under a joint venture by the Prince's Regeneration Trust and the Cornwall Buildings Preservation Trust. It will now be used as a retail and exhibition space while also housing a permanent exhibition about the palace and the restoration process.

If you happen to be enjoying your Cornwall cottage holidays during the coming months, why not come along and discover this age-old building in its new condition?

Image Credit: Matnkat (Wikimedia Commons)



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